• Limenas, history and culture!

  • Limenaria, where the beauty meets with the sea.

Limenaria / Limenas (Thassos Town)

Limenas, also known as Thassos Town is the capital of Thassos Island and sits at the most northerly point of the island. Rich in history and culture, you will find everything from ancient ruins, to modern shops and a super museum. A vibrant town which also benefits from having the main port for Thassos Island, there is something for everyone here. Cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, banks and of course ancient ruins. Including the Ancient Agora, an amazing amphitheatre built on the side of a hill which is also home to ancient places of worship. Limenas has several beaches, and within a short walk or drive you can find the beach of your dreams. Green View Apartments is in the traditional part of Limenas, quiet but as near to the action as you could wish to be!

Limenaria is the second largest town on Thassos Island and is on the sunny south side of the island. It was once home to the German mining company Speidel who have left a landmark forever associated with Limenaria – the Palataki. Palataki means small palace in Greek and was the offices for the company, located on a hill overlooking the whole of Limenaria and with views all the way to Tripiti. The main Limenaria beach is more than 2 kilometres long and runs all the way to Tripiti to the west – you will always find a secluded spot on this beach but if you prefer you can be at one of the many bars or restaurants which line the beach. Apart from the main beach there is also Metalia Beach which is on the east side of Limenaria, behind the Palataki and in the direction of Pefkari and Potos. Metalia is a super beach which has lots of hidden artworks to explore and is off the beaten track. Potos, a mere 3 kilometres away offers a massive range of entertainment in a small space, if you want to party from one morning to the next this is the place to do it! De Sol Apartments is on top of a hill, with amazing panoramic views and one minute away from the main Limenaria beach and one kilometre away from the centre of Limenaria.